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Daiseki considers thorough compliance one of its foremost management objectives.

As a company certified by municipalities throughout Japan to handle waste treatment business, Daiseki considers compliance with laws, regulations and social mores to be the bedrock of its business and a topmost management objective. Thorough compliance enables Daiseki to fulfill its social and public responsibilities.

Compliance Structure

In May 2002, we established a Compliance Committee and put in place an Ethical Charter, which we publicize both within and outside the Company.
The Waste Management and Public Cleansing Act (the “Waste Management Act”) and related environmental legislation apply to the Company’s gathering, transport and intermediate processing of industrial waste. Such laws as the Fire Service Act also apply in relation to our handling of waste oil and manufacturing and sale of petrochemical products.

Compliance System

Compliance System

Thorough Compliance Awareness

To ensure thorough compliance with various laws and regulations, the Company distributes to all new employees—new graduates and mid-career hires alike—a hand-held Code of Ethics that contains such information as the Company's management philosophy, ethical charter and code of conduct. Employees read this document aloud during new employee training to foster a deeper understanding of its content. Employees are also required to submit a Code of Ethics Manifesto, which heightens their level of awareness.
Furthermore, each month all employees from each department attend compliance study sessions.

Establishment of a Compliance Consultation Desk

The Company has established a Compliance Consultation Desk within the Human Resources Department to allow for reporting and consultation in the event that an employee is found to contravene laws or regulations.
In addition to providing a framework for appropriately handling such inquiries while ensuring the thorough protection of personnel who provide such internal reports or take advantage of consultation, we have in place a structure to reinforce compliance management by quickly detecting and remedying any fraudulent acts.

Protection and Management of Information

The Company formulated its Personal Information Protection Policy in 2005. We ensure thorough awareness of appropriate personal information protection among our executives and employees and are stepping up the management of such information.
We manage and employ information under strict guidelines for information creation, use, taking outside the Company and storage. These guidelines are in accordance with our Basic Policy on Information Security, which we established in the same year. With regard to the handling of insider information, we also have in place rules that prohibit the provision of information to third parties and the use of such information for personal gain.